Thursday, November 1, 2012

So much, so little.

It's been awhile, hasn't it?  Quite a bit has happened since my last post.

No.  We are not pregnant.

But, we are foster parents.  Well, we're finishing up becoming certified.  I think labor is easier than this process.  We had 36 hours of training,  and next up is the home study, at least 100 pages of paperwork and hours and hours of interviews.

It's been less than fun.   Tedious? Yes.  Exciting?  Yes, a bit.

While it's petrifying in some ways to think we're on our ways to be parents, it's also kind of fun.  I actually get to plan a nursery!!!!

We will begin as foster parents and hopefully move on to adoption.  We are requesting infants but have considered older teens, 16 and up.  I kind of like the idea of a teen knowing they have a forever home.  A place to come for holidays, parents to have visit them in college, etc.

Another exciting occurrence happened in August.  I graduated with my Masters of social work.  I haven't taken my licensure test yet, but plan on doing that in January.

The last major "thing" isn't so fun.  I will be having my third surgery in one year on 12/6.  It's not fertility related this time though.  I have to have my Achilles' tendon repaired as it's 75% torn.  Ugh.  4 weeks no weight bearing and 8 weeks of casting.  It's going to suck, no two ways about it.  But, it has to be done or I won't be able to walk.  It's hard to take care of a child if you can't chase them, right?  That's the only way I'm convincing myself to go through this right now.

In regards to my fertility, not a damn thing has changed.  Still perfect cycles, still no where near pregnant, still no answers, no closure and what feels like no hope.

As my daily 2:00pm iPhone reminder tries to convince me: Trust in Him and His will.  I'm trying!  Really!

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  1. Oh, I'm seeing this late! Congrats on getting through the foster care process! I will be fascinated to hear how things go with selecting children for placement, etc.